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Branding is not a logo. It is not advertising. A brand is a set of associations that exist in customers’ minds—the company’s personality. According to Marty Neumeier, brand guru and author of The Brand Gap, a brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or company—their “reputation”.


Cyan Design Studio works with clients to identify and define their brand and then create consistent touchpoints. Touchpoints are the interactions and exposures a consumer has with a brand. These may include items such as corporate identity, website, signage, and social media campaigns.


The Congressional Hispanic Institute (CHCI) was founded in 1978 by three Hispanic members of Congress committed to creating a non-profit, nonpartisan leadership institute to ensure a diverse and inclusive work force that included talented Latino Americans. The CHCI CEO recognized that the institute needed a more professional presence that also embodied their mission. Cyan Design Studio worked with CHCI to identify their brand and develop a logo, print collateral, website, and email/social media campaign that are consistent with their brand. This resulted in a style guide to ensure that vendors have access to the guidelines surrounding the visual identity.


CHCI participates in several events throughout the year, and Cyan Design Studio creates print collateral, email campaigns, social media, as well as display graphics that are consistent with the brand but unique to the event. Their Leadership Conference and Annual Awards Gala include members of Congress and honorees such as Lin Manuel Miranda, Chef Jose Andres, Eva Longoria And Salma Hayek.


The Cancer of Foundation of Santa Barbara (CFSB) engaged CDS to create a revamped brand identity that distinguished CFSB from its peers and elevated community perception. The nonprofit has ensured the highest level of cancer care to Santa Barbara residents for nearly 75 years. As such, CDS created a brand identity that reflects their commitment to the Santa Barbara community and the foundation's legacy.


The identity includes a suite of assets that allow for creativity and flexibility in print and social media. Additional donor logos, campaign graphics, and font treatments complement the brand and result in cohesive communications throughout. The nonprofit has received extremely positive feedback and continues to work with CDS on social graphics, a website, and style guide.


Cyan Design Studio (CDS) partnered with the Office of Admissions to create a distinctive visual identity that culminated in a campaign that would attract a diverse group of admitted students. CDS created a distinctive photography effect and graphic treatment that focused on students of both genders and applied it to the digital and print pieces. The campaign was initiated by the delivery of a custom designed box that included a personalized letter, airpods, and print materials. A breadth of print materials was created to be distributed throughout the five months of the campaign. These materials included a viewbook, gatefold, transfer brochure, mailers, and more. The digital space included 16 graphic emails and a personalized microsite with custom blogs. Enrolment at the end of this campaign increased 35% from the previous year and was considered a great success.


A four star restaurant opening in Dana Point, CA needed a brand identity that included a logo, signage, website, menu and apparel. Cyan Design Studio was happy to help (and sample the amazing fare).


Skin Harmonics founder, Danny Neifert, had a vision: to create a complete methodology in skincare that excludes chemicals and trauma-based procedures while delivering superior results. She quickly developed a loyal following and began the process of further developing her brand identity, packaging, collateral, and website in order to build her company and have a nationwide presence. Danny originally reached out to Cyan Design Studio to apply her existing logo to her new packaging. Cya reviewed the logo and the packaging and came to understand the ideal visuals for Skin Harmonics — clean lines, feminine and masculine elements, and organic feel yet corporate look. Cya proposed creating a new logo that met these ideals and worked on the chosen packaging. Once the logo was declared a success, it was applied to the labels, the print collateral, and an e-commerce website was developed.